Getting Arrested For A Crime: What Is It Like And How Should The Situation Be Handled?

26 December 2019
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Getting arrested for a crime is scary, but knowing how to navigate through the situation is important. It is hard to relax when you are being accused of criminal activity, but you may panic a bit less when you know what to expect of the process.

Wait to Have Your Bail Amount Set

Before you can get out of jail, you will often need to wait until your specific bail amount has been set. The bail amount varies from one person to the next because it depends on various factors, including the type of crime committed and the criminal history of the person with the charges. Repeat offenders and those who already have pending cases will often have their bail set at a much higher rate. Felony charges are more serious than misdemeanor charges and would result in a higher bail amount. The bail hearing occurs shortly after you are arrested, so you can find out how much you will need to pay to get out of jail for the time being. If you require help from the bail bondsman, you must agree to go to court when required to do so.

Post Bail to Get Out of Jail

You can post bail in a few different ways. If your bail is set at a low amount, you may be able to afford the full cost. If you cannot afford the full cost of the bail amount that has been set by the judge, you have the right to contact a bail bondsman. The bail bondsman accepts a small percent of the bail amount and then posts the rest on behalf of you to help you get out of jail temporarily. Just because you have posted bail does not mean you are not guilty and will not end up being sentenced to prison. However, it does give you time to meet with an attorney and work on handling your criminal case before the case goes to trial.

Find a Defense Attorney

You may be assigned a public defender to handle your case. However, if you can afford to pay for a criminal defense attorney, you are advised to do so. Although public defenders are legitimate lawyers with real experience, they are often overwhelmed with the number of cases they have to take on. When you hire a criminal defense attorney, you have a legal expert working for you to create a strong defense in some way or another. Your attorney will investigate various aspects of your case, negotiate with prosecutors, and take steps to help you in every way.

When you get arrested, you will end up in the local jail where you will need to attend a bail hearing. Once bail is set, you can get in touch with a bail bondsman and get bailed out of jail. Consider a company like First Choice Bail Bonds.